Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is evidenced based treatment with measured outcomes.  By choosing CBT, you will reduce depression and anxiety, increase self efficacy and learn to be your own therapist. 

    CBT Model

    Kati Wells is one of the most advanced trained and credentialed CBT providers in Northwest Arkansas.  Your services will be objective, reliable and delivered with understanding.  Try one session today to see if it is right for you.

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      Kati Wells CBT

      Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the gold standard of treatment in the world and generates outcomes in psychotherapy that are unprecedented. CBT has the capacity to change your life in ways that we want to be your reality. Our Staff consist of certified cognitive therapist and certified trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapies with extensive experience in treating a broad spectrum of issues. 

      Once I was able to understand that what I was thinking had so much impact on how I felt and what I did, life became easier to deal with. I am happy I found tools that have equipped me in my fight against anxiety.


      Kati has a wonderful way of explaining CBT so that you are able to understand its impact. She has made several illustrations of her CBT treatment that have even help me with my way of thinking. She has been able to explain the mental health benefits and even helped me with how I approach me fear of elevators. I would highly recommend anyone with questions or that needs extra help to reach out to Kati!

      Elizabeth Ledbetter

      I have know Kati for 13 years in a professional, academic, and personal capacity. She is an excellent therapist and has always been dedicated to learning the best treatment approaches. I have referred my closest friends to her.

      Leah Carvajal, LPC

      Restored Life Counseling

      I moved here from another part of the country where I had CBT.  I found out pretty soon that not all CBT is alike and was struggling to find someone that knew how to help me in the way that I had been previously helped.  I found Kati and asked a lot of questions.  Her knowledge is impressive and I was able to continue with the type of therapy I wanted.